Toast, Jam, Baseball, and Books!

I spent a good part of last week’s “working hours” churning out blurbs for short stories, tweaking covers for upcoming releases, and *finally, finally* getting the hang of InDesign.

I hope.

We shall see when my proof copies start sneaking into my mailbox.

Hand-held evidence of my efforts—both a year’s-worth of writing a short story a week and the learning curve of publishing in general. More than likely, though, these little paperbacks will show me what I’ve not yet learned, let alone mastered.

New titles include Mystery Minutes, Spunk and Spice, Out There, All the Feels, and Just a Tick of Whimsy. All are collections of six short stories… What a project!


No one ever gets parenting a child exactly right. But expectant father Alan Wayne knows exactly what kind of a dad he doesn’t want to be. It takes a trip to the past and a somber farewell to point him in the right direction.

There was a time when Alan Wayne had believed in his father. A time when that man stood ten feet tall, and Alan, in his tiny frame and with even tinier abilities, couldn’t bestow enough respect or devotion to the one he called Daddy. The one who held his hand crossing the street. The one who showed him proper form for holding the bat. The one who’d taught Alan, at the ripe old age of seven, how to steal candy bars and steaming popcorn from the vendor’s stand.

How to cuss an umpire.

How to break in a new glove.

Alan shifted on the bleacher, three rows up and about four spots in, though since the stenciled numbers had long worn off the grooved metal, he could have been sitting in Mr. Turner’s spot as opposed to his father’s. Close enough for government work, Alan thought. His dad would disagree. Close was never good enough for Mr. Wayne.

Thank you for hanging out for a bit. Check back on the first Monday of every

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Beth's passion for writing started in grade school with an epic outer space adventure scribbled on 158 sheets of wide-ruled notebook paper with not-sharp-enough pencils. That manuscript was lost in a basement flood.

Thirty years, marriage, two kids and several dogs later, she's garnered enough story fodder to resurrect her passion—and this time she backs up her work!

She currently resides in Indiana with her family and a couple of meowing fur babies who enjoy walking across her keyboard.