This Lovely Lard…

…Just sat on my plateful of frogs (see the last post in the archive).

Cars blowing up. Plural.

Cardiac muscles misbehaving. Also plural on that.

Fevers flaring, requiring comfort food.

And you know it’s bad when I’ve been called on to provide comfort food. I nearly cooked the darn CAT in the process, so I had to let Walmart handle the majority of the heavy lifting. True Story. More on that next week.

And someone sent us a fire pit. Also true.

We didn’t order a fire pit, either on purpose or by accident so far as I can tell.

We’ve not been in the market for one.


When an errant pharmacy dispenses an unwanted drug, Tristan is understandably perplexed. But unwanted and unneeded are not the same thing, and Tristan might live to regret his decisions… or not.

Tristan Lee slammed the contents of his suit jacket onto his dresser after a long day at the office. The phone didn’t stop ringing. All. Day. Long. He splashed water on his face and looked at his graying hair in the mirror, hair growing increasingly lighter and looser by the month.

In college, Tristan had dreamed of creating a base of clients that he could take from zero to hero—financially speaking—but what he’d gotten was a bunch of whiny middle-aged men who hadn’t planned for their futures and now wanted Tristan to be their rainmaker with little capital and even less time.

Friday afternoon had come none too soon. He tossed off his suit and left it crumpled on the closet floor of his single bedroom sublet with a bad view of a brick wall across the street. The only time the view changed was when the neighborhood hoodlums graffitied over the painted mess they’d made the weekend before. Last weekend it was a red devil with purple horns and some scrawl above its head he couldn’t quite make out.

He tugged on his jeans and threw on a twice-worn t-shirt that would pass if he put on extra deodorant and cologne. He pulled the bedroom shade, letting the fabric roll too far into the roller.

The devil was still staring at him.


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