21 Shorts!

It’s done! B. A. Paul’s first anthology consisting of only my twisted imagination.

Check it out here for the paperback and here for the e-book. (As of today, the e-book and print versions haven’t ‘synced up’ on Amazon’s pages yet. When that happens, I’ll post the updated link.)

If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read the e-book for free—even if you don’t own a Kindle. You can download the Kindle reading app for any device for free, as well.

Some of the shorts in Twenty-One Short Stories have appeared here on the blog. Some haven’t yet, and, with Amazon’s exclusivity policies, may not appear here for quite some time.

These stories helped break loose my rusty creative gears and got me writing again. They were part of the challenge I did a couple summers back—thirty shorts in thirty days.

What a ride that was.

And what a ride this first physical book was! Talk about picky tech issues. Margins, gutters, and spines! Oh, My!

But I like the result. Something I made that can be held in my hands and cuddled.

Yeah, I know.

I had babies. And I cuddled my babies. A lot.

But they needed lots of food and clothes and they’d throw up and stuff along the way. And I loved my babies big. Still do.

But they grew up and stuff, so…

I got cats. Fur babies.

But they need food and toys and they throw up sometimes. And I like my cats. I do.

But they have sharp claws and stuff, so…

I created this. This nice, clean baby just needs to be read. No feeding required. No vomit. No blood-drawing piggie toes.

Now I’m on a push to get my first middle-grade novel, Switch, into publication. Almost there [insert giddy little jump and squeal here], so watch the blog and Facebook for more on that.

And watch the blog for a sneak peek snippet of the novel coming soon…

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