No matter our age, our more mature family members (“mature” because folks in those upper-age categories don’t always appreciate being called “old”) have shaped and influenced our opinions on life, liberty, and personal pursuits. Whether stuck in their ways or ready for a new adventure, these guys and gals will always play integral roles in our lives.

And we love them for it!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the tales of wit and wisdom featuring the spunky and the spicy ones.

Then go call your grandma. She’s been waiting to hear from you…

Stories included in this edition: The Interruption, Green Thumb, Dressing Dad, Recon, Penny’s Place, Shortages

Need an escape? A brain break from the mundane and daily drama fests? Maybe a visit somewhere “out there” would do you good.

From morbid dystopias to misguided futuristic humans, this short story collection is certain to pull your imagination to alternate times and dimensions. If only for a moment.

Toss in a bio-engineered, fire-breathing dragon, and what more could you ask for?

Stories included in this edition: Practice, OmniAudio, Viables, On the Fence, Hindsight, The Removal of Blue Sky

The first volume of Mystery Minutes takes readers on twisted journeys from alligator pits to abandoned carnivals, from too-perfect subdivisions to quiet country ponds.

Mystery abounds, and the locals—be they badge-wearing crime fighters or bathrobe-clad old women—won’t stop until things go their way… whichever way that may be.

And one thing’s for sure: You’ll never gaze upon a rose garden the same way again.

Stories included in this edition: Detective Zane and the Case of the Pink Hats, Niche Market, Landmarks, Cream and Meringue, The Reloader, Lake George

Fancy a wonderous glimpse into the day in the life of an immortal wish-granter? Care to take flight with invisible creatures, snack on cheese puffs with the dead, or nap with magical kittens? Do you long to hear the whisper of moth-riding fairies, or to have one more conversation with a lost loved one?

You’ve found the right collection.

Just a Tick of Whimsy Volume 1 is filled with short fantasy tales that will delight the imagination and leave you longing for just a tick more magic in your life…

Stories included in this edition: The Raven, The Keys to Happiness, Aytpical Medium, The Killing Jar, Malachi Maxwell, Legacy

In this second volume of Just a Tick of Whimsy, our characters face power-hungry scribes, intuitive graffiti, novelty toys with minds of their own, and ancient book pages come to life.

Find a comfy chair and pour yourself a favorite drink. Then sit back and tick away the moments with a short fantasy tale or two.

And when your pharmacy calls about your refill, maybe think twice about answering…

Stories included in this edition: Quills, Your Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacy, The Recruit, The Bibliophile’s Curse, Alone: A Legacy tale, The Camera

Searching for a hint of romance? Perhaps a bittersweet coming-of-age tale? Maybe a bit of mystery is more your flavor. Or perhaps your favorite stories are those that tug at your heartstrings and leave you with a sense of ahhhh.

That’s what the All the Feels collections are all about.

These characters in some of the toughest spots ever faced, baring their hearts and souls and giving us a sense of hope and, well, all the feels.

Stories included in this edition: The Snowglobe Effect, I, Mae Dae, The Sunrise Project, Replacing Carrots, The Gatherer, All the Knitted Unicorns

In this second volume of All the Feels, our characters face major life changes and upheaval of their worlds. Whether grappling with rocky relationships or confronting past demons, the choices made will forever change their life trajectories and hopefully forge paths leading to peace and closure.

Grab a cup of coffee—and maybe a few tissues—and get ready to enjoy all the feels.

Stories included in this edition: Where the Toadstools Grow, Funeral Shoes, Show and Tell, Penrose Alley, Swings and Misses, In the Picture

Never having the stomach for conflict or confrontation, Oliver Andrews isn’t upset about the extended school year in the small town of Fallston. Classroom dilemmas are easier on the nerves than an entire summer with feuding relatives.

His parents threaten divorce—and a move back to Chicago which would uproot Oliver from the grandfather and farm he cherishes and rip him away from his only friend in the world.

Maybe for good.

But when the family’s crisis hits a boiling point, Oliver discovers there’s more to the issue than everyday family drama—and a whole lot more at stake.

Set in motion generations before he was born, Oliver falls into a tight grip of magic and mystery that threatens all he holds dear.

Now he must team with unlikely—and eccentric—characters on a quest to repair his family.

And save the life of his best friend.

Twenty-one stories from B. A. Paul wrapped up in a nice, neat volume! A little fantasy and Sci-Fi, some humor and mystery, and a whole lot of feel-good vibes! Grab a cup of coffee, find your favorite spot, and immerse yourself in a twisted (or tender) tale for a few moments of escape!

Enjoy a mix of dark and strange in this anthology curated by Brian J. Walton. Beth’s story, The Removal of Blue Sky, is included in this volume. You can follow the links and check out V1 and V2 on Amazon for even more Sci-Fi escapes.

Beth’s story, “The Quest of Souls” is tucked away in the pages of this edgy, futuristic anthology curated by Barbara G. Tarn. Explore other authors’ visions of future earth, from tech to augmented humans to space punk.