Bubble Wrap Day

It’s the last Monday of January. And you know what that means?

It’s National (yes, National) Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. It has it’s own day.

Who knew it had its own day? To be appreciated?

I appreciate it. I like popping those satisfying pockets of air just as much as the next person. When the kids were little and a package would come with the wrap, they’d fight over it. I’d have to get out the scissors and split it evenly or war would ensue.

We especially had issues if the “jumbo” bubbles came. Those sounded like cap guns, and you’d be careful to spread the joy through the day because there weren’t as many to pop.

I had a friend growing up who’d pop every single bubble in line, never skipping one. Never randomly darting or searching for an unpopped button, until the whole sheet was a withery, limp mess. Once I came up behind her and popped a bubble at the edge of the sheet she hadn’t reached yet. The outcome was not a peaceful one.

I didn’t do that again.

If you’d like a bit of history, here that is.

In my very brief, what-am-I-going-to-write-about-today skim of the internet, I came across apps. Ones that mimic bubble wrap popping.

Are you kidding me?

There’s an app (or a game, or a simulation) for everything. There shouldn’t be nearly as many apps as there are, especially ones that mimic or replace real-life, touchy feely experiences.

I’m guilty of using something similar. It’s called White Noise. I prefer to sleep with a real, wind-stirring fan in the bedroom. Hubs freezes to death, so we compromise. But I’d still prefer the fan.

Apps vs. real life. Like the difference between an ice-cold Diet Coke and a lukewarm sugar free can of a knock-off brown cola-soda.

And never buy generic Mac’N’Cheese. Get Kraft. Relive childhood with the blue box and neon yellow cheese dust. (Although I believe the recipe has changed to make it “healthier” which is a bit disheartening. All those preservatives gave it its uniqueness…)

And read real books once in a while. Smell the pages and feel the weight of the thing in your hands. Keep the libraries going.

At any rate, go out and get the real wrap. Walmart sells it by the roll.

Pop until your heart’s content or you drive your cohabitants crazy.

Then ship something to someone (in the unpopped portions if you’re kind; if you’re feeling snarky, use your withery mess) and spread the joy.

Thank you for hanging out for a bit. Check back on Mondays for a new blog and the first Friday of every month for a free fictional short, and be sure to visit my Amazon page.