Christmas Lists Past

Got nostalgic again during my thyroid-induced “downtime.” Started thinking back on past Christmases—waaay past ones where I was the scrawny toe-headed youngster with big eyes and high hopes on Christmas morning.

I requested—and never received, mind you—a magical wand that worked. So I made myself one out of rolled-up black construction paper, Scotch tape, and a foil-tipped end. Couldn’t fire the thing up though…

However, aside from this, I was pretty much spoiled rotten.

Go to the Head of the Class—but as an only child, no one around to compete with. But I do think I asked for this specifically—geek/nerd that I was. I don’t even think we popped the carboard pieces apart.

Solar Quest—Monopoly in space! But better. My BFF and I would play this until we ran out of money, then we’d stop for a crafting hour, make more money, and continue the game. And looking at that price tag, I wish I’d kept it. No idea what became of it.

Cabbage Patch Kids—Yup. Barbie, not so much (though I know I had a Peaches ‘N Cream). Grandma freaked me out a little bit though. Told me Cabbage Patch dolls could become demon possessed. Then I worried that the handmade-one was staring at me while I slept. That fine gift was a bit creepy with her scrunched face and black yarn hair, and I began to fear Grandma was right. I stuffed her (the doll, not Grandma) down deep inside my toybox and played with the ones that came sealed in the box from the factory—a kid and a preemie. Mom even took me to Georgia to visit the Babyland Hospital. I kid you not…

Unicorns—of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Though, I’m glad I experienced the unicorn renderings of yesteryear. I’m always more than a little disappointed at the big-eyed ones in the stores today. They look completely ridiculous. Now? Every creature in the little girls’ toy section has a horn on it. Llamas. Owls. Monkeys. Come on. Let them be unicorns. Let them be magical with proportionate eyeballs, please.

I remember lots of office supplies, even at a young age. Notebooks, folders, pens. Stickers were always a big deal. Books. Lots of books in whatever series I was sucked into. I remember boxed sets of Little House on the Prairie and Chronicles of Narnia.

The surprises were the best, though. I remember quite fondly my dad gifting me a remote-controlled dog much like this one. He’d had me convinced that he’d bought a real pup (I was disappointed, but only for a minute). The living-breathing-opinionated Boston terriers we had at the time didn’t appreciate this piece’s mechanical wriggle and shrill bark.

I came across this post during research for one of my short stories. Wow. The specifics. And the price tags! My folks would’ve boiled me dead had I gone to these extremes, I do believe.

And the spelling! What she needs is a visit from Merriam-Webster. Not so much Santa.

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