Contentedly Exhausted

Several all-nighters (and at my age, that means awake ‘til one a.m. Technically, since I made it to the next morning, that counts as an all-nighter. *Grin* Past that, there is no brain function no matter the milligrams of caffeine consumed).

Several up-waaaay-before-the crack-of-dawn mornings.

Several up-in-the-middle-of-the-night stents. Thank you, stress-induced insomnia for helping me journey along in this ridiculous challenge I’ve given myself. I really did need your help.

However, no thanks to the stress-induced nightmares—borderline night terrors—for sucking away the ability to put one word in front of another until my hands stop shaking.

My nightmare thing has been interesting. When I’m deep in story creation—or deep in life stressors, which I’ve been swimming in of late—something happens in the creative part of my brain: Little Miss Muse refuses to go all the way to sleep, so she plays in whatever part of the brain creates dreams, and boy, does she get wild. Insanely wild.

Sometimes the nightmares involve people I love in perilous situations. Sometimes they make no sense at all, but I wake up sitting straight up (or I wake up and find myself standing—or halfway down the hall which is freaky). Cold, clammy, and shaking.

Disoriented. (Did I buy that wrinkled English bulldog puppy from the creepy guy at Smally’s Lake last night? Did I remember to buy puppy chow?)

Why can’t the Muse grace me with unicorns and glitter? Just once. Maybe twice. Instead of three times a week of, “Oh, crap, I’ll never look at that person the same way again,” why can’t she put me in a log cabin, snow falling around it, fire lit in the fireplace, and me taking a nap. Why?

Short and sweet again this week while I continue with my gear reset.

I am thankful this challenge is over. (The challenge that I said would be done by March, but I extended it because of our family’s circumstances and that ocean of stressors I mentioned. And since I’m the boss of my own writing, I can do that. Tweak goals and challenge dates to meet my needs.) I’m up to two finished shorts ready to go to editing. Finished and edited my entire novel.

Ordered the cover. Got it ready to go to the first reader and ended up with over 50,000 words. Not too shabby considering.

Don’t know if I ever want to do another YA/Middle-Grade thing, but I learned a gob by finishing this thing. This thing that popped into my head when both my kiddos were still in school and I was still a homeschool momma and dabbled at this magical idea flickering in the middle of a cornfield. It’s finally finished.

Might do a couple more to make it into the ever-popular trifecta series once the love/hate relationship I’ve had with this project tips more toward the love side of things.

But in my opinion, I don’t know of many trilogy runs where the second two are ever as good as the first. But I’m a sucker for firsts…

Watch for the announcement here on the blog or Facebook when the book goes live for purchase through Amazon.

Off to order my orange fountain pen.

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