Ellery Queen, Y’all

They came last Tuesday! My contributor copies for my first professional magazine sale!

I must admit I did one of those little jump-and-squeal things when I saw them, three of them, all bound in clear plastic waiting for me on the kitchen table (because my son got the mail, depriving me of the joy of pulling them out of the mailbox myself. Come to think of it, since he did that, he may have saved me from getting run over by a car. If I’d have done my jump-and-squeal at the box, I’d have likely landed in the road. So, thanks, Son!)

The story is available in the January/February 2020 edition of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine in their Department of First Stories section.

I’m too excited. And I’m drooling to read the stories tucked between the glossy pages, but I’m still in the middle of the Vegas workshop assignments, and soon I’ll be reading hundreds of thousands of words’ worth of short stories for that workshop.

So, Ellery must wait.

It may go with me on the plane, though.


The only thing better that could’ve been sent to my house was that nun I ordered last week. The company tells me they’re out of stock, though, and likely won’t be replenishing their supply for quite some time. Bummer.

If you’d like to read The Dragonfly, you can get a sneak peek of it on the magazine’s website. To see what happens to Jory, you’ll have to go here. They’ve got print and digital options.

If you’d like more information on this long-running, award-winning publication, see their website.

A great big thanks to the editors over there. I greatly appreciate working with you. It’s a true honor!

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