The Formula

Ready for some mind-boggling math?

There are two sides to every story.

If the above statement is true, logic dictates there’s my version of events and yours. If we were the only two “there.” For sake of illustration, let’s say “there” means at the library when the book stacks caught fire.

And let’s say you sat the stacks on fire. (Sorry, someone’s gotta be the “bad” guy, and I don’t think I’d have the guts to burn books in the library during business hours). You though, I wouldn’t put it past you…

So now, there’s my eye-witness account (which is clouded by my high emotional state and my perception of you, not to mention smoke inhalation), there’s your story (clouded by your emotional state, your perception of the events, and smoke inhalation), there’s Mr. Librarian’s side along with two other patrons’ versions, equally clouded by their elevated emotional states, their perceptions of you and me and the library, and, no doubt, smoke inhalation.

Now how many sides are there?



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Beth's passion for writing started in grade school with an epic outer space adventure scribbled on 158 sheets of wide-ruled notebook paper with not-sharp-enough pencils. That manuscript was lost in a basement flood.

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