"I write to entertain. In a world that encompasses so much pain and fear and cruelty, it is noble to provide a few hours of escape, moments of delight and forgetfulness." Dean Koontz, Writers Digest Books 1981

A quote from the ‘80s, but nicely sums up the need for a temporary disconnect in today’s charged climate—whether that climate houses actual climate issues, murder hornets, riots, viruses, rogue monkeys, or missing Little Miss Muses.

I’ve been enjoying a few hours of escape here and there, provided by the masters of fiction. Thank you, Mr. Grisham, for allowing me to jump into a conspiracy with Malcolm Bannister as he gives the government what they have coming (The Racketeer). And thank you, Mr. Koontz, for not only providing the intro quote but also allowing me to befriend Einstein and cheer on the retriever as he guides the humans in his life against the evils (Watchers).

And from Mr. Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert, thanks for creating “The Flash”, my current Netflix go-to when I’m too overwhelmed for brain work. What a fun ride! Andrew Ross Breckman deserves a shout-out for “Monk”, a series the hubs and I have laughed our way through in the evenings. Poor Mr. Monk. On the struggle bus more often than not… a relatable escape.

I’m grateful for distractions from the awful. I’m grateful for the creative minds that bring us “diveable” content in whatever form we prefer—be that music, movies, books, comics. And memes. I’ve had great fun with something so simple as a well-timed meme, the snarkier the better.

A shout out to the creatives. Without them, we’d be stuck with the news. Oh. My. Word.

No more of that, please.

And as far as the act of writing, I’m grateful for time spent in the chair, fingers plodding away at the keyboard and mind disconnected from this reality and hurled into a different one. Where anything is possible and the seconds disappear without worry, time dancing hand in hand with characters of the Muse’s making.

(By the way, the purple-clad sultan has snapped Little Miss Muse and I back into alignment after our negotiations and the writing is coming along, slowly but forward! Big huge sigh of relief.)

Stephen King was interviewed by NPR at the beginning of the virus mess. I’ve taped this quote from that interview onto my laptop:

Twenty hours a day, I live in the same reality that everybody else lives in. But for four hours a day, things change.

That’s my goal. To provide an escape for those who may need to jump out of the crazy “fishbowl of life” from time to time and jump into an alternate storyline. That, and to provide a playground (or swimming pool) for Little Miss Muse less she go rogue once again…

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