Plastic Wrap and the Great Unknown

Almost lost it today. Sunday. The Sunday that the geniuses that be decided long ago that we should tamper with time.

Set those clocks back. (Some of us Indiana folks remember days when we didn’t participate in this hoo-ha).

Manually in days gone by, but now, the digital overlords do that while we sleep. Give an hour. Take an hour.

Soon they’ll want two. Then three. One day we’ll wake up and our phones will tell us the government needed all of November and two-thirds of March.

My cats don’t understand this. Their stomachs are on a biological hunger timer set five months ago.

It’ll take two weeks for me to stop thinking, “If this were last month, it’d be (INSERT PREVIOUS TIME HERE).”

Mothers of small children hate these times of year. I know I did. Tried all manner of things to save sleep. Get sleep. Push mealtimes.


So I almost lost it. Right there in the kitchen. (You know, my favorite room of the house). Trying to wrap up the leftovers from lunch. Plastic wrap. And I’d sprung for the brand name, too.

But alas, as soon as the see-through cling was free of the razor strip, it jumped onto my arm in static glory. And I wadded it into a mess trying to get it straightened out.

Attempt two resulted in the same.

Attempt three—with me holding the box feet away from my torso, closer to the plate of roast and potatoes—not much better. Took five times the amount of wrap to get that cow secured and into the fridge. (Hubs better eat it, too, after all that effort).

So even when I make a semi-edible meal, something in the kitchen’s gonna get me. That room hates me.

Coupled with the sleep issue from the time change issue, I nearly lost it.

My sanctification.

My temper.

My rapidly thinning will to do anything domesticated.

And my equally thinning sanity.

Because I really need those leftovers to be saved. And eaten at least another time.

Because next week…the week after Daylight Savings Time…is an unknown. Too many variables from too many directions to accurately gauge any meal planning, work schedules, mental capacity levels, or kitty cat craziness.

Therefore, in my sleep-deprived state, and facing the fear of the great unknown, I’m plowing off several of these blog posts ahead of time. My web guy will feed them into cyberspace. Week by week. Bless his heart for putting up with my issues…

So for those who know me personally, if it seems blog content doesn’t match current life content, it doesn’t.

It was planned that way.

At least for a few unknown, pre-holiday, lots-of-plastic-wrap-wars-coming weeks.

Here’s a quote. Because I almost lost it today. No idea who to attribute this quote to, but I agree with it wholeheartedly. If you know the original source, message me and I’ll credit it. Right after I’ve untangled me and possibly two cats from a suffocating mess of Saran wrap.

Re: Daylight Savings Time: “Only the government would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and have a longer blanket.”

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