Platefuls Of Frogs

By the time this content posts, the calendar will indicate the last Monday any of us get in the great month of September. Summer’s slipping away, even if recent temperatures in our area don’t quite have that crispy nip of fall. Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!

(Not a pumpkin spice fan. Actually had to stifle the gag reflex when the kids were small and we’d carve pumpkins. The textures of the snotty guts didn’t bother me. The smell, though. And, thank you very much, I’d prefer not to spice all desserts and comfort beverages with it for the next three months. More for you all…)

But right now, it’s the Monday before that last Monday. I have self-imposed deadlines looming (finish Switch’s sequel), a challenge I’m trying not to fade out on (23 new shorts done since April, 29 more to go), and all my ducks have scattered to various ponds. Said ducks are staging protests, laying eggs (more ducks to come) and generally goose-pooping on my well-though-out-plans (why do I bother??).

So today is a clean-up day. Catching up from a long month of unexpected life flops.

Along with the relocation of my flock, the events of this last week have created bombshells and messes and frogs.

Platefuls of frogs that must be eaten. One ugly frog at a time.

The frog analogy isn’t my concept. A guy named Brian Tracy literally wrote the book on it. You can check it out here. And since I’ve read the thing, he’s made a workbook and flash cards. His simple concept came top-of-mind often in the last few months.

If you have lots of frogs (tasks, to-do’s, activities), eat the ugliest one first.

Ah, but at the moment, Dear Mr. Tracy, all of my frogs are of equal grotesqueness.

So I shall flip a coin, close my eyes tight, pinch my nose…chew and swallow that first ugly task on the plate.

Then repeat.

All day long.

So short post today. Off to grab one of those warty amphibians before he takes a cue from the ducks and finds himself a mate.

May your winged ones line up obediently in October and may all your frogs be pumpkin-spiced—if you’re into that sort of thing…

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