Publication Updates

Keepin’ it short this week and cleaning up loose ends.

Several have asked about where to find the stories I wrote for the Anthology 2020 Workshop.

You can’t find them. Not yet. I’ll let you know here (hopefully) when they come out and where you can get them when the anthologies are done.

As far as short story publications, here’s what’s available so far:

“The Removal of Blue Sky” is in Future Visions Volume 3, edited by Brian J. Walton.

“The Dragonfly” is in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine January/February 2020 edition. The links in my original announcement post go to Ellery’s current issue. So, you’ll have to contact them, scour their back issues, or *gasp* eBay to find it, as it’s currently off newsstands.

And, in the process of surviving the holidays and life in general, I failed to mention this one: “Leftovers” is in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Issue #8, Fall 2019, edited by Dean Wesley Smith. It’s available through WMG Publishing as paper, e-book or subscription. It’s also on Amazon.

I have well and truly caught the short story submission bug. Lots are “out in the mail” waiting on answers. A few others have a tentative “sold,” but until the contracts are signed and the fat lady sings (or at least has her giddy little jump-and-squeal moment) I can’t count them as published.

Anything can happen to disrupt this industry. Crazy elections. Crazy coronavirus. Crazy technical issues. Life in general. Name it. So no counting chickens before they hatch, no notchings of the belt, no happy jigs, and no twisting the tops of the celebratory diet ginger ale bottles. Not until contract time…

I’ll just write and mail the next one.

And the next.

And the next…

This industry moves slowly, and there’s not much in the way of instant gratification. But when those successes do come, it’s like getting hooked up to an adrenaline drip and, at least for a few moments, I’m on top of the world.

Hope you have a productive week of successes and forward momentum despite the crazy times we’ve got going on. Find what primes your adrenaline pump and go for it!

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