America has its fair share of problems.

America has its fair share of mistakes.

America has its pouty days of political upheaval, and the he-saids, she-saids, and they-saids can certainly bog us down. I know I’ve been steering clear of all things news-related recently.

But it’s still the best country on the planet. I’d not want to live anywhere else.

To freely stroll leaf-caked sidewalks, the crispy footsteps frightening undecisive squirrels from their hidey holes.

To freely gather with family and friends for meals and movies and fun and worship.

To read what I want. Watch what I want. Go where I want. Think what I want.

Or to sit alone in my office and make up stories for fun and profit.

There’s no better place than these Great States.

Thank you to all our Veterans. I’m humbled by your service and sacrifices.

Our country may have its fair share of issues, but this American will always be grateful America had you…

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