They’re Here

Crazy, crazy, hectic couple of weeks. Summer has a way of swallowing time and spitting back at you in useless, sweaty chunks. At least in our neck of the universe.

Then add in 2020’s kick-butt karma along with Murphy’s Law Grand Revival, and there’s no end of the day-bumping chaos.

At any rate, I’ve slacked on the new word count drastically, but ramped up in the production arena. Because Little Miss is sweltering in the corner, complaining of missing days gone by and she’s no idea where to take the work in progress.

I swear, that little imp is going to be the death of me…

But… She did help out on a couple of the covers for the short story collections. Seven of them!!!

These nifty titles are comprised of tales I’ve written over the last couple of years. And no sense in leaving them rattling around on a disk drive somewhere.

So, check out the book tab above to see the details in one clean place. Or, you can see them directly on Amazon. Other outlets to come, but for now this is your link to buy these titles, either electronically or paperback. The blog’s book tab links will take you directly to the titles, as well.

Buyer Beware, though: Some of the singles you see on Amazon are short stories that are included in these collections. Read the contents and make sure you’re not purchasing the same title twice. (Or go ahead and purchase the same title twice. Or three times. Or twenty. I’ll be sure to buy Little Miss Muse her favorite purple soda, and maybe some grape bubblegum, and we can finally bribe her into getting off her plump purple…, well, you know.)

Have a great week. Happy browsing!

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