Top Ten Techy Peeves

This adventure of book publishing has my hair falling out, hives protruding from places I didn’t know they could protrude from, and cats running scared from my office when sanctification is lost and the projectiles start flying.

Not the writing of the stuff. The writing is grand fun.

But the learning curve of picky margins, bleed edges, gutters, and drop caps that float five inches above first paragraphs, those are another matter—and all on a laptop that had wanted to give up the ghost back in September. I limped it along, but probably would have saved a large slice of sanity had I broken down and gotten a new one months ago.

10. Restart. Restarting the computer for it to recognize some installation.

9. Ghost installations. I didn’t think I installed anything to “help” me do something better?!!???...

8. By the way, why didn’t my antivirus software stop #9 to begin with?

7. Updates. Thanks Word, for requiring me to sign into my account all of the sudden to type a simple document. I don’t remember my password. And since you moved that one button two micro-centimeters to the left, now I miss-click.

6. “An account already exists with his email. Select Reset Password and we’ll email you a link to reset your password.”

5. Emailed link from #6 says I can’t use an old password. The same @*$@$ password I just used to try to access the account to begin with. I guess some nether-region of my brain did remember it.

4. Cat, recovered from her earlier fright, walked across the keyboard and one furry toe pushed CapsLk. Thus the password issue.

3. Laptop decides it needs to run a diagnostic on itself all by itself when I’m trying to upload a 258-page document to Amazon. Thanks. For slowing the process down even further because...

2. Glitchy internet.

1. Update one tiny piece of tech to handle higher internet speeds, then every other piece of tech hooked to that one decides to punk out.


On the upside, everything in the house has been replaced and —knock wood, throw salt, and say prayers—our internet is working fine. For now.

Until…Bonus Peeve!!

Power outage.

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