Vegas, Baby!

As I sit here, the calendar just flipped over to February. February 2nd to be exact. I’m writing ahead to prep for travel, family obligations and generally buffering in time to allow for the inevitable chaos that always creeps up before a trip—especially a much-looked-forward-to trip.

You know how it goes… Best laid plans and carefully calculated calendar pages are uprooted by illness, unexpected visitors, acts of God, blown tires, and the coronavirus (big news as I write this—hopefully it won’t be bigger news in a couple of weeks…)

So, by the time this blog goes live, I should be in the middle of my Vegas trip. Three hours behind, so don’t call me—I’m likely asleep. Or, if insomnia has hit, or my jetlag hasn’t resolved, I’m prepping my notes and over-stimulated brain cells to get to the Anthology Workshop on time and ready to learn.

Note on jetlag: Daylight savings time (of either the spring or fall variety, doesn’t matter) throws me off for two weeks. For fourteen days I walk around thinking “This time XX days ago, it was XX o’clock. Now, it’s one hour wrong. It’s just WRONG!). Stomach, brain, sleep. Always off. So it is very likely that I’ve not adjusted. Probably won’t adjust until the day I fly home, and then I’ll have another adjustment.

(Not a huge fan of change, in case you’ve not picked up on that particular character flaw of mine…)

There are folks coming from all over the globe for this workshop, and I shouldn’t complain. They’ve got it much worse than I. Three hours should be no big deal, but as I sit here on 02/02/2020, I’m thinking my persnickety internal clock probably won’t cooperate.

Next week is Free Fiction.

Then, after I return and my internal clock stops spasming, I’ll update the blog with news and learning and anecdotes. Hopefully a few photos on the Facebook feed, too.

Unless something awfully amazing happens, then, well. What happens in Vegas…

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