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About the Author

Beth enjoys chucking words into sentences then standing back to see what magic—or mayhem—falls out, crafting tales in mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, and general “slice of life” fiction.

She couldn’t accomplish this without the help of her tutu-clad Little Miss Muse and Trudi the Concrete Office Goose, who’s partial to superhero capes.  

Her stories have appeared in multiple publications, including Pulphouse Fiction Magazine and Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and in multiple fiction anthologies. She’s received several Honorable Mentions from Writers of the Future. Her lighthearted blog peeks into the writing life as she pokes fun of herself and her circus of a life.  

Follow the antics of Little Miss Muse and Trudi, read Beth’s blog (she might have burned down her kitchen last week), and discover the stories here at