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B. A. Paul

Just a Tick of Whimsy Volume 1: A Collection of Six Short Fantasy Tales, E-book

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Fancy a wondrous glimpse into the day in the life of an immortal wish-granter? Care to take flight with invisible creatures, snack on cheese puffs with the dead, or nap with magical kittens? Do you long to hear the whisper of moth-riding fairies, or to have one more conversation with a lost loved one?

You’ve found the right collection.

Just a Tick of Whimsy Volume 1 is filled with short fantasy tales that will delight the imagination and leave you longing for just a tick more magic in your life…

Stories included in this edition:
The Raven
The Keys to Happiness
Atypical Medium
The Killing Jar 
Malachi Maxwell

This is the ebook version. You will receive instructions on how to download and open your file after purchase.