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B. A. Paul

Life All Over Again: A Not-Quite Novice Author's Journey to Self-Publication, E-book

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B.A. Paul's second hundred blog posts in one spot—with commentary from Little Miss Muse herself!

In the sequel to Life Along the Way, B. A. Paul takes her readers through another one hundred blog posts detailing the writing life—and life in general—of a not-so-novice-anymore author.

Always striving to find solid ground not littered with Circus debris, potholes, and land mines, Beth and her Little Miss Muse attempt to string words together for fun and profit in the middle of, well, life running amok.

Laugh, cringe, and cry along as you get a glimpse behind the Circus tent into the days and weeks of an aspiring author.

But read it quick! 

She’s about to burn down her own kitchen.

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