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B. A. Paul

Life Along the Way: A Novice Author's Journey Toward Self-Publication, E-book

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Even the best-laid plans are subject to life and the glorious upheavals it brings. Add in wayward ducks-in-a-row and a misbehaving writing muse, and no force in heaven or earth could plan or plot a straight path to a lofty goal.  

From high-maintenance felines to optometrists, from equipment failures to busted thyroid glands, Life Along the Way is a series of 100 blog posts highlighting one beginning writer’s pie-in-the-sky writing dream.

Author B. A. Paul looks back at how she began, the lessons learned, and what the future may hold. Hopes, dreams, and fears — interspersed with giddy little jump-and-squeal moments — turn her review into part memoir, part writing adventure — with well over a hundred little lessons learned if only for herself and her Little Miss Muse.

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