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B. A. Paul

Triage, Paperback

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Delayed, Urgent, Immediate…

Triage is the name of the game in medicine—and life.

Retired trauma doctor Craig Thompson wants a simple life—one where he can grieve his late wife and care for his black lab, Toby, in peace.

To honor Emma, Craig started Wagz, the dog grooming saloon the couple had dreamed of once the adrenaline rush of Manhattan emergency medicine wore off and it was time to start a family back home in Indiana.

But when his high school crush walks into Wagz carrying evidence that could avenge his wife’s death, he faces a crossroads: turn his back on a potentially life-threatening coverup and continue in his solitude or dive into the trauma bays once again—in the very spot his wife lost her life.

One thing's sure: Starting over will have to take a number.


This is the paperback version.

ISBN: 978-1-964800-06-6